Monday, November 23, 2009

Cooking A Lobster

A friend of mine has some relatives in Maine, and they were coming in for a couple weeks to stay with him and his family over the Thanksgiving weekend.
He stopped in the other night and asked if I wanted some lobsters because they were bringing some down with them fresh.
I said yeah, why not, put me down for 6.
Friday afternoon, he called me and said bring your cooler over, so I got over there and got 6 live lobsters for 20 bucks. Whoo Hooo
My crab cooker will hold a bushell and a half, so all 6 fit in there, and my buddy told me to cook them about 18 minutes.
Not a bad supper, some potato's from the garden, and some deer steak, and a little fried cabbage and cornbread, me and the boys were laying around the living room for an hour or so before we got up to clean the table.