Monday, March 23, 2009

Uncle Sam

Walking through Wal-Mart this weekend, I made a swing into the grocery section to get a few things. Cereal was one of the things on my list, and since I was coming off my honey nut Cheerios kick, I started to browse the 40+ feet, 3 shelf high display of cold breakfast cereals.
I was set on something new and something healthy, and I came across this stuff
I saw toasted whole wheat flakes & flaxseed in large type. I saw it had 10 grams of fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. I thought " yeah, this stuff is like doctor food "
It was not untill this morning when I opened the box and poured the first bowl that I realized this was no raisin bran. I looked at the front of the box to try and match the picture with what I had poured into my bowl and it was then I noticed the additional writing on the box that claimed this stuf was a natural laxitive
I scratched my head and thought what the heck. I added the milk and took a bite and soon realized that I would need a couple packetts of splenda. It turned out to be pretty good, and the flaxseed gives it a pretty good crunch
This being my first journey into the mega fiber cereal world, it was a pleasent one. The thought still lingers in the back of my mind about the laxitive capability of the cereal, but I guess after 40+ years, I should start get used to it now

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eat Great..... Even Late ?

There is nothing better than a Saturday night out. Some friends were playing at a little place this weekend, and as usual, I was nominated as the designated driver.
It was OK because I don't drink, I become a people watcher. I love to see how alcohol makes everyone just go nuts

And as always, we have to stop for breakfast and it never amazes me to watch the same people that just drank down beer and vodka, and lemon drops, and yager bombs shove runny eggs and greasy bacon and sausage right down on top of it

I stick with the coffee and some pie at that time of night, and listen to all the noise because in a crowded restaurant filled with alcohol fueled folks that have nothing to do while waiting for their moons over myhamy, you know you will get a floor show.

I am someone who has been a career designated driver for some time, and I have to say some of the best late night wrestling matches are generally found at the Waffle House or the 24 hour Hardee's, and knowing this, I decided we would visit the Denny's

Well guess what

Yeah, 4 separate fights, and one mean chic fight that resulted in some fake hair being tossed across someones table.

Who knew the late night menu at Denny's came with a floor show