Friday, October 8, 2010

My A-1 Steak Sauce

Let me tell you, I don't care what kind of sauce it is, or who makes it, when you want something on your steak, you reach for A-1.
Nothing even comes close.
There are some cuts that I just want a little salt and pepper with, and I cringe when I look over and see someone drown a perfectly good piece of meat with ketchup

Most people will agree with me, and will refuse anything else on their meat.
Here in the past few years, A-1 has been advertised as a topping on burgers, and as an ingredient in meatloaf.
I haven't been that far yet, but a few years ago, I got something started at the place I frequent for breakfast, and I always hear a little noise about it when someone new decides to join us to eat.

I always get the scrambled eggs and fried potato's, but depending on the day, depends on what I get with it.
I am in a rural area, so sausage is available fresh, so is the bacon, and some mornings steak.
One morning in particular, our favorite eatery had a surplus of strip steaks, and had put them on the morning specials.
Happy Day ! Steak specials all around !
Naturally, when I applied my A-1 to my steak, I went ahead and and covered my taters, and said what the heck, covered my eggs as well.
This has stuck, and to this day, no matter what I get with my special, you can bet I am covering my eggs with A-1.
There is always the noobie that sits down and looks with the strange face and always makes the comment, but always has to try it.

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