Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lookin For A Deal

It's tough out there right now, and everyone is really pulling back on what they spend.
One of the first cuts I made in my families budget was eating out
I have four boys that leave me behind when it comes to eating, sometimes I just don't know where they put it. A good value for me are the Buffet places that are sprinkled around the shopping centers about an hour from where we live. There are the steak buffets, chicken, Chinese food, anything you have a taste for, but with 2 adults and 4 boys, it rings up to an easy $75.00 when we go. OUCH !
Many of these restaurants used to have a kids price at around $2.99 or $4.99 if they were like 10 or younger, but not anymore
I saw an ad on TV the other night for a place we have not been to in a while, the good ole Old Country Buffet and it said it was bringing the kids prices back, so that was our destination this past Sunday

My younger boys ate free, which was great and for the rest of us, all total was only $34.00.
I got my fill of fried chicken, and slipped in some salad, and we all left feeling good
When a business makes a decision to lend a hand to families like this, I will be sure to take advantage of it, and just may be back next Sunday as well


blogangel said...

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curiousmind said...

i so looovve fried chickens! they look so good, they made me hungry!=(