Thursday, December 10, 2009

Captain D's

You ever been driving around town about lunchtime, and get a little smell of food in the window ?
I was driving through Fredericksburg today, not even thinking about lunch, and while sitting at the stoplight I could smell the fried fish.
At that moment my right hand turn signal went on and into the parking lot I went.
2 fish, a chicken plank, some shrimp, 2 deviled crabs, fries, hush puppies, coleslaw, and a large sweet tea for under 10 bucks
I would have paid twice that at one of the fancier places, and would have waited 20 or 30 minutes for my food. By the time I got my tea and sat down, the Lady was bringing me my food, and some cocktail sauce and tarter sauce.
And I was going to settle for a dollar hamburger on the way home today, oh well


The Natural State Hawg said...

I worked at the Captain D's here in scenic Benton, Ark., for about a week (I believe my title was "galley slave") during high school. I quit, went to work for a newspaper and haven't been back sense.

Working in a fast food restaurant is sheer hell. I feel bad for the cats who wind up slaving away in them...

The Hawg!

Anonymous said...

Not a good idea to go about town on an empty stomach, just like it's not a good idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach either. At least you satisfied your hunger though ;-)

Forgotten Liberty said...

I love Captain D's. I have one down the street from me but I have to make sure I don't visit too often in order to keep my arteries clear.

Katherine said...

Wow that is a lost of food for under ten bucks... deviled crab... yummmmmmmmmmm