Monday, January 4, 2010

Buffet Madness

Here is a shot of my dinner plate last night.
Fried rice, pepper steak, honey chicken, fried shrimp, and an egg roll.
I can't stand it.
There are very few places to eat out where I live, so when I make the hour drive up to the big city of Fredvegas, I will make it a point to do it around lunch or dinner time.
As a family we have the vote as to where we go, and I always want Golden Corral.
Sometimes I win, and sometimes I get the dreaded Chinese buffet.
Why do I not like it anymore ? It's the same thing EVERY SINGLE TIME !
The same rice, same 4 or 5 chicken dishes, the same cruddy pepper steak, and the same egg rolls that you could hammer a nail with.
Just once I would like to see something new, something from the Chinese food menu, not like the mystery meat wrapped in pizza dough with some kind of brown gravy on it, and the yellow chicken parts in the greasy sauce, or the apples and raisins covered in mayonnaise.
And at the end of this torture, I get handed a bill that is at least $15.00 more than I would have paid anywhere else.
As we left the place, I told everyone to take a good look, because we would not be coming back


RE Ausetkmt said...

hey, why not have your own buffet nite at your house ? have each person select a dish to prepare in the manner they like it and then feast - once a month. that way you get a taste of each persons taste. you can also do a take away buffet by each ordering a dish from one of your favorite local restaurants; each person orders from somewhere different, then you combine it for a take away dinner.

cheaper, more fun and you get what you know is good

Catherine said...

I never liked open buffets myself- I can sympathize with you, since the recession its been hard to go out to dinner as often as we would like to.
Whenever I make something I tell my kids, "Do you know how much this would cost if we went out to eat?"

Nick Phillips said...

I simply love buffets :D

Mariuca said...

Buffet madness indeed, yummy! :)

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Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm.........wish i could have some of that now! but sadly, am on a diet, then again, i could just dream and dream.....