Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tried The Zatarains ?

Have you guys tried this stuff yet ?
We love it !
It is a toss up between the beans and rice mix, and the dirty rice as a side dish when we have some steaks or something, but we started making the jambalaya mix lately and it is great for a fast dinner.
I stop in and grab a pound or so of raw shrimp, and a roll of smoked sausage, fry it all up together in my big skillet, and the mix does the rest of the work.
Just wanted to give a shout to the Zatarains people, I love their stuff !

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MAC said...

I find coupons for this but can never find a store that carries it. They have all of the dry mixes but not these. They really look good. I'm in NC if anyone out there knows of a store in the area that carries this.