Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Fresh Quarter

I slipped into the drive thru at a McDonald's today right at the peak of the lunch hour, and I was about the fourth or fifth car back from the speaker, so I guessed about a 15 minute wait.
While inching ahead, I was sorting some papers, and I knew just what I wanted, a sweet tea and a quarter pounder with cheese.
I finally got to the window, got my bag, and pulled back onto the road and as I got my sandwich out, I noticed how incredibly fresh it looked.
I hate to complain about a fresh sandwich, but wait a second.
The cheese was still stiff.
Yeah, I said it, the cheese was all stiff and pointy.
I am old enough to remember when McDonald's used to make a lot of burgers, and then slide them under those red lights wrapped up in that waxed paper, and when you got it, the bun was all soft, and the cheese was runny, and it was like burger perfection.
Now, I have a freshly made, cold cheese, cardboard box, quarter pounder.
Hooray for progress ?


MAC said...

I pulled into McDonalds today around 1:00 to get one of their chicken wraps I've heard so much about. My chicken was piping hot but everything else felt like it had just come out of the refrigerator, wrap and all. Strange combination of hot & cold. Don't think I want another one.

Crazy Brunette said...

Totally KNOW what you mean!!

Give e a gooey, cheesy mess anyday!

Mikey Garcia said...

I guess that's what they're willing to serve for drive-thru customers :P

Francis R. Barbour said...

When I was a teenager in Overland Park, Kansas - My brother and I stopped into a McDonald's drive thru. When we pulled back out onto the road, my brother bit into his burger and it was still raw and frozen.

I always wondered if that was just a prank, a real screw up, or whether someone in there didn't like him. lol