Monday, August 11, 2008

Banana Pudding

Earlier this evening as I was making a list for my wife to go to the grocery store with, My younger brother called. We talked about all the great food that we were going to eat at our family reunion this Saturday. Steamed crabs, BBQ, and such. He mentioned that last

year our cousin had brought banana pudding, and what a big hit it was. Well, I couldn't get it out of my head, so I added the ingredients to the shopping list. I am sure everyone knows how to make banana pudding, but just in case, let me refresh your memory. I will be making about 1/2 a gallons worth, so you will need to scale down a little for a smaller portion. I have the large tin pans I got from Costco last Thanksgiving, so I will be using one of
those. I mix 2 large boxes of Jello banana pudding and 1 box of Dream
Whip Topping in a bowl with milk. I line the bottom of my pan with the
wafers, and then a layer of pudding, and then a layer of sliced banana's
I keep doing the layers until I run out of ingredients, but make sure the final layer is pudding. You will want to keep it in the fridge overnight
but we waited only 2 hours before getting a little. This has to be the
best summertime treat you can make. It is fast, and easy to make,
and you can make it with the kids. There are many variations to this
old time favorite, this is just the easiest way I know to make it. If you
have a different version, please share

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