Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday Time !

My youngest turned 4 yesterday, and for the party we always buy a decorated cake. The last one we bought was back in February. I cannot believe how much they have gone up. The cake you see here is just a single layer with the whipped cream frosting was $19.00. at the price club

I did check at Giant food for a cake with the picture and decorations, and they started at $29.00.

My favorite kind is the ice cream cake from either Carvelles or Dairy Queen, But they run around $30.00, so I did not even bother with stopping in

Our economy is affecting everything, that's the main reason we do not eat out as often. Oh well, at least we all know how to cook some great stuff at home

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Betty said...

I made a cake for my little girl last year. Maybe if I get brave I'll post the picture. It's embarrassing. But at least I tried. The cake she had wanted was well over 50 bucks at the store. What I made turned out to be a pretty interesting version of the Princess cake she wanted. Maybe I'll post it next time.