Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot Dog's, Tea, And Orange Chicken

I had a few friends over the last couple days, cutting up trees that Hannah knocked down this past weekend. We all use firewood in the colder months, so they were happy to help. We ate lunch together, which consisted of hot dogs and chips which brought us to our first argument. I fry or grill my dogs, Always. A couple of the guy's said boiling is better. at the end of my post, leave a comment with your preference please

Our next issue was with iced tea. I make mine in the coffee pot

I make a pot with 5 teabags, and pour it in my gallon pitcher with about a cup and a half of sugar.

My grandma boiled 4 or 5 bags on the stove, and made it the same way as me, except she used gallon milk jugs. Once again, one of the guys thought that was strange, and never heard of that either. Tell me what you think at the bottom please.

But anyway, I want to tell you what I made for dinner tonight. I saw this guy, Alton Brown, the other night on TV, and he was making some kind of BBQ. I heard him say something about marmalade and chili powder, but missed the rest. Well, today I pulled some boneless chicken breasts out of the freezer and laid them in the sink for dinner. All day today, all I could think about was that marmalade and chili powder. So when the work was done, and the 5:30 hour rolled around, I decided to create

I fried the sliced chicken in my electric skillet, and then drained it

In my big measuring cup, I added i jar ( 18oz ) of orange marmalade, 2 tablespoons of chili powder, 2 drops of liquid smoke, and a teaspoon of crushed red pepper. Mixed it all up, poured it over the chicken, and covered it up to simmer for a bit

While it simmered, I made some rice and broccoli because my wife came in and yelled about me dirtying up so many dishes, and said it smelled like the orange beef we get from take out. I removed the lid, and let the concoction I created to cook down until it looked like gravy, and then yelled for everyone to come and eat. I thought it was great

The family must have thought so too, because this is all that was left. I'll wrap it for lunch tomorrow. Please don't forget about the hot dogs and tea, just a short note about how you make them


Jeepers said...

Boiling the dogs is better. Don't you remember that is how mom did it? And lots of Hormel chili.

Da Old Man said...

My wife and I both prefer hot dogs grilled.

I don't use sugar in my tea, so I have no opinion on that.

Don said...

I usually boil only because it's easier. If I'm having some buddies over I'll grill whatever we preferred method of hotdoggedness.