Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Got Angry

I made a trip to town on Monday, and at around 2 in the afternoon, My son and I realized the fact that we had not had lunch
With McDonalds on one side of the street, and a Burger King on the other, the onion rings were calling my name
BK has a new Whopper ever few month's, and on this visit, they were promoting a new one called the Angry Whopper, and it looked like a good match for my rings and sweet tea

I have always been a fan of BK sandwiches, and always have a hard time deciding between a fish, chicken, or burger, but I have to say, I made the right choice today. This burger actually had some heat to it, and the fried onions were great
I do not write this as an ad for the restaurant, but as a plea to keep those fried onions. They may be a match for the onion rings they serve now. Maybe they could offer them as a side ?
Oh well, just wishful thinking


Anne said...

I liked the angry whopper too, I am not ordinarily a BK fan, I don't like their fries (and hey, if you're going to splurge and devour fast food, you gotta have some fries!) and I don't really care for their onion rings... but I do like those fried onions on the angry whopper! It's got some heat! Really good!

Da Old Man said...

The Angry Whopper is a winner. The commercial is a bit over the top, as it isn't really that hot, but it is my favorite burger anywhere.
Spiced just right for me.