Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chocolate shakes and slides

Have any of you been to one of the fast food joint's play-areas ? My boys are old enough now that they can play in them without me following them around making sure they are OK. Well, today while out on a little shopping spree, we decided to stop into one and grab a sandwich. My boys made a dash for the play area and I sat back to relax a little. While watching through the window, I noticed a few kids running around, and one little girl, about two or three, standing at the end of the slide looking up. As the kids came sliding down, I saw that the little girl did not move, and as one of the kids came down, they slid into her, knocking her down. This led to screams and cries from the little girl, and a little boy who had just ran around her and continued his play. I then saw the mother, who was sitting in the dining area near me, go running in and grab up the child. No big deal I thought, she's not hurt. But when she came back into the dining room around her friends, all she talked about was the " little monsters " hurting her child, and what terrible parents they must have. I heard her say that " people need to watch their kids if they can't obey the rules ". I looked back in and saw my boys, along with about 4 other kid's having a great time going down the slide, and climbing around the tunnels. I then looked at the huge sign over the door that made it clear that children under three should be accompined by a parent. I sat back and enjoyed my chocolate milkshake, and waited for my boy's to get done burning some energy. When they emerged from the play area I made sure to walk by the table of mothers and asked my boy's " did you play nice and follow the rules? ". Almost as if rehearsed, they began to tell me about the little girl who got knocked down by someone because she was standing in front of the slide. As I held the door for them to walk out, I said, " well maybe her mom should have been watching her, like the sign says. "

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