Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free lunch ?

I love a deal. 2 for 1, or 1/2 off, and FREE! Today as I was on my way to Home Depot, I heard an ad on the radio for McDonalds that said Free chicken sandwiches today! My son and I got an instant smile. We hurried through the store gathering materials we needed for our little project, loaded the truck, and pulled out of our parking spot. My son say's "You hungry dad ?" and I told him " yeah boy, wer'e getting some chicken today " As I pulled into the drive thru, I realized that many others had heard the same ad, but I was only about 4 cars back and it was worth the wait. We both ordered the large sweet tea and some fries, and in return we got 2 free chicken sandwiches. I am a Big Mac guy myself, but I have to tell you, that new chicken sandwich is the most simple, and best tasting sandwich I have ever had. It was bun, pickle, and chicken. They really have a winner with this one. The seasoning on the chicken tasted different, something new, that was a welcome change from the taste of the other sandwiches I have eaten. I saw that they have a chicken biscuit for breakfast also. I havent tried it yet, But my son and I might need to hit the Home Depot again in the AM, and maybe grab some breakfast. Great job McDonalds, Love your sandwich

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