Monday, July 21, 2008

Homegrown !!

I enjoy having a green thumb. I am proud that after many trial and error attempts at growing something, I am finally getting my plants to thrive. I am not into roses or tulips, or any of the other multi colered weeds that other people slave over. I am talking about my vegetable garden. I have a surplus crop of cherry tomato's, squash, cucumbers, big boy tomato's, green peppers, canteloupe, and watermelon. This evening, my sons and I took our plastic pails out for a walk. First, we walked the half mile driveway from my house to the paved road and picked the blackberries that grow wild along the woodsline. We got about 2 quarts. Then beside the house, along the edge of my garden to pick some cherry tomato's, . Inside of the garden rows we harvested 6 yellow squash, 4 fat green cucumbers, 4 big red tomato's and 2 green ones to fry at breakfast, and a big heavy cucumber. We incorporate all of our fresh picked produce into our supper. Cubed squash with cornbread mix, baked with a little cheese on top. Sliced cucumber in a bowl with cider vinegar and salt & pepper sprinkled on top. Raw sliced tomato's on a plate with the little cherry ones around the side and a dollop of mayo. And for dessert, the wild blackberries with a little cream and sugar and sliced canteloupe. We had some type of meat as our main dish, but I don't think it ever made it to the table. I just had to share

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Greg said...

Sounds like quite a harvest you had there! And the season's only just begun...

Anyone who slaves over a garden is silly, but I do love the beauty those "pretty colored weeds" bring to my life and the smiles they bring to the faces of those who pass by.

You could probably improve your already considerable yield by adding a few flowers to your vegetable garden, just to attract additional pollinators. Plus, it's good for tomatoes to have some marigolds growing nearby.

There are many flower/vegetable companion combos which will help each to thrive more.

Interesting blog.