Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saved by the bell

Whatever happened to that little Taco Bell dog ? I thought he was funny. Not that I would want him in the kitchen around my food, but he was a cool little mascot. Anyway, I have been a fan of Taco Bell for years. I remember back in the 80's in my hometown, we didn't have any kind of Mexican restaurant. Back then, in our "underdeveloped " little town, It was a BBQ place, pizza, hamburgers, or fried chicken. When the door's opened, those poor people working there were so busy, and the customers had no idea what burritos or soft taco's were. How time have changed. I stopped in at Taco Bell today for lunch, and their newest creation caught my eye. It's called the Big Box, and it was too. It has a crunchy taco, a chalupa, a burrito, and some cinnamon twists. It even includes the drink for about $5 bucks.
I am impressed that Taco Bell has not forgotten the MEN out there and,
created a cheap feast for them. My son's and I thank you

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Da Old Man said...

I love the Bell, but if you have a place called Baja Fresh--that's a treat. It's like Taco Bell on steroids. Slightly more expensive, but worth it.