Saturday, July 26, 2008

Want my pickle ?

I went back to the garden today and pulled more cucumbers. I now had 9 staring back at me. I knew then and there that it was time to pickle. I am going to explain to you the easiest way to make pickles. You will need to run down to your local Food Lion, or Giant store to get some special things, and unless you are like me and save old mayonaise jars, you will need to pick up some Ball jars. If your food store does not have the jars, you can get them at Wall-Mart or Target. This recipe is for 2 jars, so add ingredients according to the number of cucumbers you have. You will need

2 teaspoons pickling salt. Not the house kind

1 tablespoon dried dill spice

2 cloves garlic

equal parts water/vinegar solution

Slice the cucumbers with the skin still on and put into a bowl with a lid, and add 1/2 of the salt. Shake bowl to coat slices and put in fridge. In a pan, heat to almost a boil the water, vinegar, and dill. When it gets hot, divide the cucumber slices into the jars, and add the garlic. Pour the hot mixture over the slices, and use a butter knife to push the slices down. leave about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch air space at the top, and put the tops on tight. Put them in the fridge for 5 weeks. I put a piece of freezer tape on the jar with the date so I know when they are ready. Easy pickles anybody can do.

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